Holy Lama - Your Natural Enhancers!!

For the discerning womanhood, Holy Lama Naturals has honoured her with the finest beauty enhancers in the market today. Our products range from herbal face creams to neutraceuticals that lend her the finesse.

Here are some natural beauty tips which are easy and effective and you can try them at home.

For hair, take some Holy Lama extra virgin coconut oil and add a few drops of Holy Lama lavender essential oil and a few drops of rosemary. Apply it into the ends of your hair first, then the crown, brushing down with your fingers. Let set in for at least half an hour, preferably with a plastic grocery bag over your hair. Then wash out with Holy Lama C-Rich Herbal Shampoo and find the hair smooth and shiny.

For your body, mix a cup of salts with enough Holy Lama extra virgin coconut oil and mix well with a few drops of Holy Lama lavender essential oil and either peppermint or rosemary. Massage your body with the mix for half an hour before bath. The treatment is better for your complexion.

Cucumbers are natural astringents that will make your look fresh and glossy. Slice the cucumber into thin layers. Lay them over your eyes, forehead, cheeks, and chin before you go to bed. They will nourish your skin and give a fresh feel in the morning.

You can make honey and sugar face scrub at home. Mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of sugar. Heat the mixture about 5 or 6 seconds in the microwave. Wet your face and apply the pack. This stuff rinses great and gives your face great glow.


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